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My name is Glen Lucien, I am a Graphic Designer with unique talents in visual communications. I am an Artist and designer, I use architectural forms with different elements to help my designs flourish. As a hardworking individual who has a passion for art and design my work is playful, creative and unique. I have a great imagination which I believe helps me create something different every time. I love sketching out my ideas to help with my process. I am from New Orleans Louisiana the “Big Easy” some people call it. I came from an family of six, I guess I am lucky number seven.

I was an fine artist stepping into an designer’s world. It was easy taking such as big risk. May be that’s because I came from the “Big Easy.” Yep, New Orleans, well there was nothing really easy about it, but soon I discovered my way of standing out by creating designs that made others stand up and take notice. As an Artist and Designer, I use architectural forms combined with unexpected elements to make my designs uniquely my own.

Yep, it’s that easy, The Big Easy.

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